About Jeanette

Jeanette Woods is a writer, poet and published author. In her long career as an educator, she has always enjoyed writing about nature, family, education, travel, faith and life, but more recently has found her voice in the authenticity of writing people’s stories. Enjoying the research process, she is the author of A Voice For Veronica (2019 order here), a true crime memoir. Her next book, a biography called Living for Shalom: the Story of Ross Langmead, was recently published (2021 order here).

Her most recent publication is a history of the first forty years of Flinders Christian Community College, where she was the principal until her retirement. Of Faith and Vision (2023) is an open access e-book, found (here). Jeanette is an active member of the Peninsula Writers’ Club https://peninsulawritersclub.com.au/.

Based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Australia, she lives with her artist husband. They encourage one another’s creativity and share their love for nine grandchildren, travel and sustainable gardening.

On any given day, she could be planting broccoli, editing curriculum documents, baking lemon ricotta cake, playing trains with a grandchild or just sipping her husband’s great coffee.