First pages

The first pages of a book are the hook; the opening that draws the reader in. Much has been written about their importance, and authors draft and edit over and over again until they feel satisfied that the reader will go further than the beginning of a book.

In the publishing process, a special moment for any author is when they receive the ‘first pages’ of their long-awaited book. It is their first look at how the text and layout will appear, the quality of the images. It means that the gestation stage is over and the book is born and, after proofing, it will be ready to publish. The arrival of first pages says that potential is transitioning to reality. One’s precious book is no longer just a dream or thought bubble, but has finally become real print on pages.

For a writer like me, whose life stage is later rather than earlier, first pages stand for beginnings and possibilities. My words have been captured and copyrighted, hopefully for generations to come. Those pages mean I will hold my book in my hands and it will be read by others; readers who are known to me and many who are not.

And now my first pages are going digital in this blog. It is never too late to create something new!

Jeanette Woods

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands. I pay my respects to elders past, present and future. On the Mornington Peninsula, I live and write on the Bunurong people’s land.